Components / Circuit Protection

Circuit Protection

SCHURTER Protection, encloses fuse-links and circuit breaker for equipment in resettable and non-resettable versions. The products protect electric and electronic equipment against overcurrent. Varistors and undervoltage protection are used for over- resp. under-voltage protection.

Fuses & Fuseholders

SCHURTER fuses, available in resettable and non-resettable versions, protect electric and electronic equipment against overcurrent. Varistors are similar components used for overvoltage protection.

Circuit Breakers

SCHURTER circuit breakers for equipment, whether designed with thermal or thermal-magnetic actuation for overcurrent or undervoltage protection, are mainlay used for appliance protection.

Voltage Selector

SCHURTER's voltage selector switches are designed for international markets. Series-parallel and step-switch types are available in various styles and sizes and mounting.

New Products

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SCHURTER is expanding its successful UMF 250 SMD fuse series with nine additional rated current ...
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